Water Softener Salt Price Comparison 2020

A water softener eliminates hard water from your home and helps avoid some of the side effects that are associated with hard water. Water softener salts are the major ingredient in the water softener, that eliminates the hardness or water, and it does this by reacting with the elements present in the hard water, to create clean softened water for your home. There are different brands of softener salts available and each of them provides their own advantages.

Softener salt Weight Price
Diamond Crystal Water Softener 40pounds From 24$
Morton SALT System Saver II Pellets 40pounds From 35$
Windsor System Saver II 40pounds From 7$
Morton Pure and Natural Water Softener Salt 40pounds From 15$
Nature’s Own Potassium Chloride Crystal Cubes 40pounds From 49$
Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets 40pounds From 49$
Diamond K-Life Potassium Chloride 40pounds From 56$

The table shows the prices of some of the most commonly purchased water softener salts and while some are a lot cheaper than others, but the price is just one factor when it comes to choosing a water softener salt as they all provide different advantages.

  • Diamond Crystal Water Softener: Water softeners have the common problem of regenerating resin beads, but that is not the case with this water softener salt. With a 99.9% purity, it is very effective at regenerating resin beads. The pellets dissolve very easily and this ensure that the softener remains free of clogging, and extends its life span, and can even help improve the quality of water softened. The purity of the softener salt allows it to have a high effect against the common causes of hard water, such as magnesium and calcium and as a result will guarantee high quality softened water.
  • Morton SALT System Saver II Pellets: This water softener salt is very effective, and it has the added advantage of preventing an accumulation of chemical elements from the water, preventing an accumulation in the resin bed. With this salt, comes a reduced build-up of iron in the pipes of the home. This also leads to an extended life expectancy for your appliances and equipment in the home. The softener salt is also versatile and it can be used for any of your water needs, ranging from water for laundry to water for the showers, the softener salt is effective in providing soft water for all processes.
  • Morton Pure and Natural Water Softener Salt: For those who don’t like salts that are in pellets, this choice will be a welcome choice as it comes in crystals. In case there may be concerns over the dissolving ability of pellets, you are guaranteed dissolvable crystals as well as high quality soft water. The salt also has an impressive effect on scale build up, as it helps eliminate such a possibility, and helps to preserve your equipment and appliances in the process. It also makes laundry a lot easier, by producing pure water that easily lathers with soap.
  • Nature’s Own Potassium Chloride Crystal Cubes: This softener salt is made for those who are not comfortable with using sodium based softener salts. Without sodium, you can still have a highly effective softening agent that falls in the same cost bracket as the popular sodium based salts, meaning you don’t have to pay extravagant fees for your requirements. This product is potassium salt based, and as such will have a more positive impact on the environment due to the fact that potassium is healthier for plants than sodium. This softener is also perfect for those who have dietary restrictions as the water will suit this need.
  • Windsor System Saver II: This particular softener salt boast a salt purity of almost a hundred percent, with over a 99.6% pure vacuum granulated salt, the softener salt also reduces the amount of mineral build up in the water softener. With the Windsor system saver II, you can also expect to have less results of stains on surfaces of equipment like bathtubs, as well as kitchen tops, plates and appliances, preserving their original textures and preventing them from becoming unusable. The salt pellets dissolve very easily, meaning the water is free from salt particles and is clear for all uses.
  • Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets: Another softener salt that isn’t sodium based, and afford you with sodium free benefits. One of the most common benefits it offers is a reduced chloride release into the environment and this means that less water is required for the water softener regeneration. This also improves plant life as well as soil microbial life, which may be a concern for environmentalists, and as such, this will be a good choice. The salt also boast a 99% purity which will help guarantee high quality soft water.
  • Diamond K-Life Potassium Chloride: Another potassium based softener salt on the list, and it has all the benefits of a non-sodium based softener salt. It is good for plants and will be a welcome option for those with gardens or good to be used with water sprinklers, as it guarantees fresh water that is good for plants.

For those who don’t yet have a water softener but are thinking of getting one, we recommend Fleck water softeners as it will prove to be what you are looking for, and it is a perfect fit with any of the softener salts listed above. Further details on the product are available on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much softener salt do I need for my home?

Answer: It depends on the size of your home and how much water you use on a daily basis, but the average home uses a 40pound size bag of softener salt for an entire month.

  • Which type of salt should I buy?

Answer: It depends on your requirements. Where there are dietary restrictions or kidney problems, you may be better suited buying a potassium based softener salt, but if you are worried about finances, a sodium based softener salt may be cheaper.

  • Can I add the salt into my water softener by myself?

Answer: Yes, the process is very easy and requires no special expertise, and the salts even come with directions to help make the process easier.